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In Germany

By kanannie

Bavaria The Beautiful

On 31, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In Germany, Travel | By kanannie

Raging glacial waters

Raging glacial waters at the bottom of the mountain.


Amateur hiker lost in the woods.


View from our hike.

The following day was sunny and beautiful so we went for a hike since we can’t be in Bavaria without hiking the Alps. That would be a sin and we aren’t sinners. We started late like typical amateur hikers and then took a wrong turn like typical amateur hikers. So, after 5 hours of hiking, we had eaten lunch twice, lost and found KS’s hat, and then came back to the bottom of the mountain to enjoy the rushing glacial waters. The water was clear and beautiful so I took off my shoes to dip my feet in and quickly lost my toes to frostbite. Oh well, such is life.

Toe cheese mmmm

Frozen toes

Raging glacial waters

Deceiving beautiful water


Hiking through the gorge.

Amateur beer drinkers

German law states that you must have a beer after a long (or short) hike.

Rabbit with a cool do

There were rabbits and other random animals at the biergarten.

On our final morning in Garmisch-Partinkirchen we headed back to Zugspitze to visit the famed summit. The cost of the ticket covers a roundtrip ticket via cogwheel train or cable car. We decided to take the cogwheel train up and the cable car down since we were told that it’s worth it to try both modes of transport. The cogwheel train was interesting and the “most exciting” part of the trip was when we went through the tunnel and they showed a video of the construction of the train and cable car. It really wasn’t the most exciting part of the trip, but they have to trick you into thinking that it is the most exciting part of the trip so you don’t think about the fact that you are in a pitch black, featureless tunnel just waiting to get to the summit.

The summit was very cold and the view was beautiful, but again, too many people for our taste. There’s a glacier, which was nothing special and a very crowded biergarten at the top because Germans love to eat and drink beer no matter where they are. There’s also a cross on top of a rocky area where you can climb to and take pictures of yourself making the peace sign with your fingers. How fun! We didn’t go over there because it was quite crowded and I was waiting for someone to fall off. After getting our fill of the summit, we headed back down via cable car. All in all, I don’t think it was worth 50 euros and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re the type of person who enjoys summit views, but would only hike if your life depended on it.

Cogwheel train

Zugspitze cogwheel train.

View from cogwheel train

View of Lake Eib from the cogwheel train.

View of Eibsee from Zugspitze

View of Lake Eib from Zugspitze.

Zugspitze summit

Zugspitze summit cross. There are signs stating that you should have alpine gear to climb to the cross, but we saw some hearty Germans in sandals climbing the rocks to get there.

Biergarten on Zugspitze

Biergarten at the summit of Zugspitze. Because Germans must have beer and food.

After a very relaxing several days in GaPa, we began our road trip north towards Berlin.

More Garmisch-Partenkirchen, hiking, and Zugspitze pictures on our Flickr albums.

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