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In Croatia

By kanannie

Chasing Peacocks And Peahens On Lokrum Island

On 28, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In Croatia, Travel | By kanannie

Peacock on Lokrum Island

Isn’t he a beauty?

Dubrovnik is beautiful, but you’ll probably get bored of walking around the old town and playing guess which Asian country that group of tourists is from after a few days. Because we’re not all from China, you know. When you’re done playing your travelers’ games you should head over to Lokrum Island. It’s a quick and cheap ferry ride from the old town port and a great way to get away from the cruise ship crowds for the day.

Peacock on Lokrum Island

Now that’s a pretty cock!

Peacock on Lokrum Island

What a cock tease!

One of the main attractions on Lokrum are the free roaming peacocks and peahens. We thought we’d have to wear camouflage and stealthily hide behind a bush to spot the elusive birds, but they greeted us as soon as we landed on the island. They are pretty much everywhere so you can’t miss them.

Peacock on Lokrum Island

A pretty white peahen. Peahen is the female of the species. And you thought you’d never learn anything from this blog!

Show off

A junior peacock showing off.

Peacock about to jump from the roof

Don’t jump! You have too much to live for!

I highly recommend that you go early, bring lunch and a beach towel, and find a nice spot on the island to frolick in the inviting Adriatic Sea all day. The water must be fantastic in the summer because people were still swimming when we were there in October.

My date under a date tree

My date under a date tree.

Lokrum Island

This looks like a nice place for a dip.

Lokrum and the Adriatic

A gorgeous day on Lokrum Island.

Lokrum Island

A nice place for diving.

Cactus pear on Lokrum Island

Cactus pear!

Just remember to catch the last ferry off the island because legend has it that the Benedictine monks cursed the island before they left to prevent anyone from owning it in the future. Those damn sneaky monks!

More Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island pictures on our Flickr album.

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