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In Taiwan

By kanannie

Apple Picking In Taipei

On 07, Apr 2014 | 2 Comments | In Taiwan, Travel | By kanannie

Today is our fourth day in Taipei and it’s raining so we’re taking the opportunity to update our blog. It’s never too late!

Frenchie at the night market

This is what we do when it’s raining out.

Before we left for our Southeast Asia tour our friends in Tokyo told us that SEA is very gay-friendly and we shouldn’t worry too much about any anti-gay sentiments. After dealing with racist shit in the Balkans and worrying about being gay bashed in Russia, we were relieved to hear that we wouldn’t have to concern ourselves with those petty matters. Instead, we could stay focused on the truly important things, such as eating as much as possible while avoiding traveler’s diarrhea. Little did we know that not only were we safe from anti-gay bigots in Taipei, but we are convinced that it is center of the Asian lesbian universe.

Wax apples

Wax apples

As soon as we stepped on the plane to Taiwan, we noticed that there were a few lesbians around us. When we arrived in Taipei and started exploring the city with our straight friend we mentioned to her that we were surprised by all of the young lesbians roaming freely around Taipei. Our dear, naive straight friend said, “No. That’s just a girl who doesn’t know how to dress.” or “That’s a boy.” HAHAHAHA! Straight people are so funny.



We decided that it was our mission to help hone her gaydar, so I told her that we would start pointing out lesbians on the street and our code word would be “apple” so we don’t get caught screaming “lesbian” at anyone.

Custard apples

Custard apples

Custard apples at the night market

Custard apples at the night market. We’re everywhere!

At first she still disagreed with our apple assessment, but she quickly started to realize that these apples weren’t men or poorly dressed women. In no time at all she started to pick out the apples herself and, like us, she was pleasantly surprised by how many apples we found in Taipei.

Apple cider

Apple cider

On Friday night we met up with some apple friends for dinner and then went to Taboo, a lesbian club full of young, styin’ apples who knew how to have a good time…after several drinks. The club wasn’t full, but the turnout was decent for a regular Saturday night. I have to say, the lesbian community in Taipei is much more open, honest and confident than Tokyo’s. Tokyo could take a few lessons from Taipei.

Taboo lighter

Cuz I’m a lady emperor.

Taboo vomit sigh

Taboo is a classy joint.

By the way, don’t try this at home, kids. Kanako and I are professionals at apple-spotting. We have almost seven decades of combined expertise in this area and can spot an apple from a mile away. Also, don’t try apple-spotting in Germany.

Picking wax apples

Look at her picking out apples on her own! We’re so proud of her.

Funny faces

An apple and a pear.

Check our Flickr album for more apple pictures.

Longshan Temple
Jiufen, Jinguashi and a Seafood Fest

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  1. Welcome to Taiwan. Just read your article by chance. I live in Taipei right now, and might start to pick apples on the street like you. 🙂

    • kanannie

      Hey Yenni, thanks for checking out our blog! We loved our time in Taipei and hope to be back next year for more apple-picking. 😀

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