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In Taiwan

By kanannie

Hanging With Our Peeps In Taipei

On 12, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Taiwan, Travel | By kanannie

Walking to Shinto shrine

Friends don’t let friends walk to abandoned Shinto shrines alone.

When we started preparing for our SEA trip we knew we’d finally be able to catch up with some old friends that we hadn’t seen in years because they moved back to their respective homelands when their visas expired or because they wanted to be near their families. It’s great to have friends from other parts of the world, but it’s sad when they leave and you only get to see them once every few years. We were eager to see our old pals again and we all quickly fell back into our comfortable, familiar friendships.

Shopping at the night market

The night market is more fun with friends.

Games at the night market

You need a Taiwanese friend to teach you the secret to winning at the night market pinball game.

You know the saying birds of a feather flock together? Well, it’s rather accurate based on how many Asian friends we’ve managed to acquire over the years. We knew we had a lot of Taiwanese friends, but we didn’t realize that we had so many until we got here and our schedule was packed with meeting one friend after another. And they were all such gracious hosts too. Many took time out of their hectic schedules to meet us for lunch, dinner, drinks, night market exploring, kangaroo dancing, and other fun things that people do when they are drunk on cheap liquor.

Dancing at Taboo

If there’s an Australian in your party, there will probably be some form of kangaroo action.

Dessert with friends

We almost got a group picture without the peace sign. So close.

We even had Taiwanese friends living in other countries calling their friends and family in Taiwan to make sure we were properly attended to. Our favorite ex-roommate harassed Chienya every day to ensure that we were eating and seeing everything that Taiwan had to offer.

Eating beef noodles

Eating beef noodles is something I could do with or without friends because that shit is sooooooo YUMMY!

Drinking tea in Jiufen

Asians love their tea.

Seafood market

Shopping for seafood is so much more fun with Taiwanese friends.

Artist village sexy sign

We have sexy friends.

Gold mine cart

Taiwanese people are so silly!

Touching gold

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that if you touch a brick of gold with a friend, you’ll both have dirty hands.

Sometimes I wonder how we got to be such lucky people, but I don’t have much time to ponder it because it’s time to go chow down on another delicious Taiwanese meal with our friends.


I don’t know these two weirdos.

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