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bac ha market

A Day Trip to the Colorful Bac Ha Market

On 01, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Activities, Culture, Travel, Vietnam | By kanannie


A Flower Hmong woman at the market.

We got up way too early in the morning to take a bumpy, nauseating ride to Bac Ha, where the Flower Hmong gather every Sunday to sell their stuff. There was freshly-harvested honey, bright red chilis, fruits, vegetables, moonshine-like rice wine, farm animals, metal tools and expensive pet birds. A major plus was meeting a great couple from California, and being able to explore the market with them. The tour stopped into a small village where we got a quick glimpse of life there. Another major highlight was stopping at the Chinese border and being given the chance to stare longingly at Mainland China, the land of opportunity. On the way home, a dog (that was probably purchased for food) shat in the box in the back of the van but the driver refused to stop, so we sat marinating in the smell for almost three hours. Good times in Vietnam.


Men testing out instruments for sale.


Jugs of rice wine.


Fresh honeycombs.


Straining the honey into a bottle.


Various tools.


Flower Hmong vendors.

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