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By kanannie

Berlin’s Historical Reminders

On 05, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Activities, Germany, Travel | By kanannie

We simply couldn’t ignore the fact that Berlin was chock full of history, most of it very recent. Unfortunately, we couldn’t squeeze everything in, but that can wait until we go back next year. Below are some interesting places to edumacate yourself in Berlin.

East Side Gallery

Berlin Wall gallery.

East Side Gallery.

Remnants of the Berlin Wall now serve as a gallery of images promoting peace in the world. Most of the art is unimpressive, but the concept is what matters here. The artwork is covered by graffiti and visitors wanting to leave their mark with a Sharpie, but I think it adds to the gritty character of this “gallery.”

Berlin Wall gallery.

Walking down the wall.

Berlin Wall gallery.

Graffiti on the wall.

Berlin Wall gallery.

A Berliner walking past.

Berlin Wall gallery.

Art on the wall.

The other side of the wall is worth perusing. It has photographs of walls and restricted areas that still remain in parts of the world.


Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

Passport wall at the entrance of the museum.

Started in a small apartment by a German anti-communist human rights activist Rainer Hildebrandt, this museum is now a fairly large place located right by what used to be Checkpoint Charlie. The main part of the museum has images and descriptions of various escape attempts and ingenious escape contraptions created by the residents of the GDR (in East Berlin) to get to West Berlin. It is PACKED with information in a very cluttered format. It’s worth noting that as educational as this museum is, it is just one perspective (and a West Berlin one at that) into life in the GDR.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

Every available space is taken up with images or text.

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