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In Germany

By kanannie

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Say It Five Times Fast!

On 28, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In Germany, Travel | By kanannie

Pond near Eibsee

View from Eibsee

After picking up our Mercedes-Benz swaggerwagon, we headed to the popular Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, home of the controversial 1936 Winter Olympics in Germany. We arrived at GaPa in the early afternoon, quickly dropped off our bags and headed towards Eibsee (Lake Eib) to check out the Zugspitze cable car and possibly take a dip in the lake since it was a sweltering day. When we approached the ticket counter we asked the price of the cable car ticket and the lady at the window said, “50 euros each” and I said “I’m sorry did you say 15 euros each?” and she said, “FIFTY euros” and I said “uh, eh-CUSE me?!” So, 50 euros covers a roundtrip to the Zugspitze summit via cable car or cogwheel train, but we weren’t prepared to shell out that much money at 3:30pm when the last car would leave the mountaintop at 5:00pm. We decided to come back another day when we had more time to explore the summit.

In the lake

Floating body in Eibsee

We walked over to Eibsee and were immediately impressed with the shockingly clear water. There were a lot more people than we had expected, but the hostel receptionist told us that it usually clears out after 6:00pm. We decided to eat a little something and then change into our bikinis and go for a dip after everyone left. Since we are both so damn sexy, we can’t have crowds of people gawking at us when we go swimming so we prefer deserted swimming holes. Unfortunately for us, it was so hot that day that everyone stayed later than usual. We tried to find a secluded place to get into the water, but finally gave up looking for a private area and just settled for a spot where there were no screaming children. We met a nice older woman who told us that she had never seen the lake this crowded in her twenty years there and then she got in the water and swam out into the middle of the lake. I got into the water and doggy paddled out about 4 feet and then stayed there until the sun started to hide behind some clouds.


Clouds over Eibsee

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