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In Art & Design

By kanannie

Churching Out in Cologne

On 19, Aug 2013 | One Comment | In Art & Design, Germany, Travel | By kanannie

Cologne Dom

We only had one whole day in Cologne so N and I headed to the Cologne Dom, which is probably the only thing Cologne is really known for. That and the fact that they drink beer in tiny glasses. No more 1L Bavarian beer steins for us. I wish we had more time to hang out in this laid-back city, but time was a-tickin’ on our Schengen visa and we had other countries to visit. We’ll be back for the Ludwig Museum, which was closed the day we were in Cologne.

Now for photos of the absolutely stunning Cologne Dom, a heavyweight of cathedrals in Europe. We love walking around in churches, not so much for the religious factor, but for their artistic and architectural achievements. By the way, what’s up with the sculptures of pious figures lazying about?

Cologne Dom

“Not now, angel. I’m resting my eyelids.”

Cologne Dom

How do they carve these things?!

Cologne Dom

Inside the colossal cathedral.

Cologne Dom

Beautiful stained glass.

Cologne Dom

Some kind of writing which I didn’t understand. But it’s cool, right?

Cologne Dom

Close-up of the stained glass.

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