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Chillin’ in Groznjan

On 06, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In Art & Design, Croatia, Culture, Travel | By kanannie

Blue shutters.

Pretty blue shutters on a house in Groznjan.

It’s not hard to find a beautiful place on the Istrian coast of Croatia. We knew we were going to be spending more time on the coast in the coming weeks, so we found a small, secluded hilltown of Groznjan as our first stop.

Picturesque town.

Picturesque town.


An old archway leading into town.

We took a bus to a tiny town called Buje on a cold and rainy afternoon and paid an idle old man we found in a café to drive us the rest of the way (about 8.5km on an uphill). Perched atop a hill overlooking farms and smaller villages below, Groznjan is a cluster of the cutest stone houses with a population of less than 100. When the town’s population dwindled and was on the verge of becoming a ghost town, a colony of artists moved in and made it their home and workplace. You can see the artists’ influence on the town in the brightly painted shutters, the beautiful plants decorating the houses and the ateliers dotting the place.

Another gallery.

Galleries on every corner.

Kaya Energy Bar.

Kaya Energy Bar, a nice place for afternoon tea.

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In Art & Design

By kanannie

On Ramen & Art

On 13, Mar 2012 | 2 Comments | In Art & Design, Culture, Food, U.S. | By kanannie

armory show

Since New York had its annual Armory Show this weekend, we decided to get up off our lazy butts and do something cultural for a change. I found a $10 discount off of the hefty adult ticket price of $30 on their official Facebook page (score!), and enticed my more art-minded friends to join us.

We woke up on Saturday morning from a long and nauseous night of tossing and turning in bed after one too many drinks. In an attempt to make getting up early (and still drunk) bearable, we had decided to meet our friends at Totto Ramen for lunch prior to heading over to the pier for a day of art, art and more art.

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