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The Perfect Place to Take a Nap… Forever

On 17, Aug 2013 | One Comment | In Culture, Germany, Photography, Travel | By kanannie

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

If I absolutely had to be buried in a cemetery*, it would be without a doubt Hamburg’s Ohlsdorf Cemetery. The second largest cemetery in the world after Long Island’s Calverton National Cemetery, the non-denominational Ohlsdorf Cemetery “has an area of 391 hectares (966 acres) with 12 chapels, over 1.5 million burials in more than 280,000 burial sites and streets with a length of 17 km (11 mi). There are 4 entrances for vehicles and public transport is provided with 25 bus stops.” This is a cemetery on steroids. N and I spent a quiet afternoon driving and walking through the memorials for the war dead and the beautiful civilian burial sites.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

How stunning is that?

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

Hey, a New Yorker!


Prime burial real estate next to a lake.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

It was pretty much inevitable to run into one of these. This tombstone is for a SS officer (SS insignia at the bottom).

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

A pretty lavish tombstone for someone who probably died during WWI.

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In Germany

By kanannie

I Want To Be A Hamburger

On 16, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Germany, Travel | By kanannie

Lake Alster

Crew team practicing on Lake Alster

Our original plan was to leave Rugen and drive directly to Hamburg, but thanks to an undelivered package we had to make a pit stop in Berlin. On our way to Berlin we were pulled over by a couple of cops in a small town where we exited to get gas. I gave them our passports and car rental documents and acted as innocently as a cherub while they radioed whoever they radio when they pull over two foreigners in a rental car. After 15 minutes they returned our stuff and let us continue on our way. We noticed that they had a canine in the back of their police van and we realized that they probably pulled us over because of our Netherlands plates and our shifty Asian eyes. I suppose there has probably been an increase in drugs crossing from the Netherlands into other European countries since the borders are more open nowadays.

We arrived in Berlin, picked up our package, and met our new Berlin besties for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant before heading out to Hamburg. Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin!

Hamburg Rathaus

Hamburg rathaus


A fountain in the courtyard at the Hamburg rathaus

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