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In France

By kanannie

There Is Only One Versailles

On 04, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In France, Travel | By kanannie

"Let them eat cake!"

“Let them eat cake!”

Russia was one of the first countries that we visited on our RTW trip and St. Petersburg was a city that got a lot of rave reviews for being the cultural center of Russia. The guidebooks said it was more European than Russian, which is supposed to be a compliment unless you like Russian stuff. One of the top tourist attractions near St. Pete’s is a placed called Peterhof, the summer playground of the Russian aristocracy. We visited and we thought it sucked. Sorry, but I call it like I see it. Peterhof as been called the Versailles of Russia, but that’s like saying that Newark is the New York City of New Jersey. Sorry, Newark, but you kinda suck too.

After visiting both former royal hotspots I’ve come to the conclusion that Peterhof is poop and Versailles is fabulous.

Versailles golden gate

Versailles Golden Gate

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