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mekong delta tour

Mekong Delta Tour with Koreans, Selfies and Uncle Ho’s Revenge

On 26, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Activities, Culture, Travel, Vietnam | By kanannie


Going on another group tour.

There is nothing more pleasant than going on a full-day group tour by bus and boat while suffering from stomach issues. Uncle Ho’s Revenge, Vietnam Vengeance, Saigon Squirts, call it what you will, but it sucks ass. Literally.

I woke up that morning feeling sick and fully prepared to abandon N and let her go on the tour alone, but I didn’t want her to be all by her lonesome so I muscled up every ounce of willpower that wasn’t flushed down the toilet and ran for the bus before it left without me. A heavily made-up Vietnamese tourist took multiple selfies of herself a few seats in front of us but I felt too drained to photobomb them.


Swarms of tourists were on the Mekong that day.

It was only after we got off the bus 1.5 hours later by the Mekong Delta that I realized that the majority of our fellow tourists were Korean. I don’t know why but besides our group, there were a billion Koreans on the Delta that day, with the men wearing colorful hiking apparel and the women all covered up to protect themselves from their worst enemy: the sun.


Fish farms on the water.

After tourists snatched up the $1 cone hats to wear in the sun, the tour guide led us onto a riverboat which was surprisingly smooth and pleasant. The seats were comfortable and I gradually started feeling a little better by the time we got to our first stop, a rice paper-making workshop. I was busy making sure there was a suitable bathroom (just in case) while the tour guide explained the process of making rice paper, which seems pretty easy.


First stop: rice paper-making shop.


Rice paper drying in the sun.


The Vietnamese tourist making rice paper. She’s having a blast.

We had about ten minutes of them trying to sell us bags of toasted rice paper crisps in different flavors, and I watched from the periphery as the selfie-snapping wife of a middle-aged Vietnamese couple — dressed like they were going clubbing immediately after the tour — ignored her adorable little son and generously opened her wallet for the first of many times that day.


An employee at the workshop.

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