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In Culture

By kanannie

Field Trips in Rural France

On 13, Sep 2013 | 2 Comments | In Culture, Farming, France, Travel | By kanannie

River through Moulins.

The town of Moulins.

Some people might feel trapped if they found themselves in a small farmhouse in the middle of the country with no form of transportation to get out. We were actually totally fine, and used the isolation wisely. We spied on the sheep grazing next door, tried to catch the rooster unawares, bit into random fruits growing on bushes and trees to see if they were edible, played with bees, drew pictures and did all of the things normal people do.

Spying on sheep.

I see you!


Bee whisperin’.

Carpenter bee.

A carpenter bee.


Drawing during my free time.

So when Hubert asked us if we’d like to accompany him into town for customer deliveries, food shopping and anything else, we eagerly jumped into his van. We must’ve made quite a sight; Hubert with his flyaway hair tucked under a wide-brimmed hat and a hand-rolled cigarette sticking out of his mouth, and the two of us following him with our hats on and our jeans and boots covered in mud like two little Asian migrant workers. If we did, the French were polite enough not to stare as we stopped at a supermarket and picked up some necessities.

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