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Day Trip to Nara

On 29, May 2013 | No Comments | In Activities, Culture, Food, Japan, Photography, Travel | By kanannie

nara deer.

Sadly, Nara lives in the large shadow of its big sister Kyoto. Few people know that Nara was briefly once the capital of Japan for about 75 years, before it was moved to Kyoto (for over 1000 years) and finally to Tokyo in the mid 1800s. During its brief stint as the capital, Nara’s imperial family pushed for the spread of Buddhism into Japanese culture.

todaiji temple.

Todaiji Temple with its endless hordes of tourists.

todaiji's daibutsu.

Todaiji’s huge daibutsu.

The impressive Todaiji Temple with its daibutsu (big Buddha) and Kofukuji Temple with its famous Ashura statue (among others) is a testament to just how hard the artisans and builders worked to create something awe-inspiring to attract potential worshippers. Todaiji is one of the very few temples ¬†we’ve come across that allows photography of their religious statues so don’t forget your camera!

kokuzo bosatsu on the daibutsu's right.

Kokuzo Bosatsu flanking the daibutsu on his right.

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