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Rugen Island



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In Germany

By kanannie

Rugen Island: Where The Germans Summer

On 10, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Germany, Travel | By kanannie

Don’t you hate people who use the word summer as a verb? Me too.


Driving on the autobahn from Berlin to Rugen Island

After spending a week in the city we were ready to head to Rugen Island in the northern part of Germany to explore the white cliffs and soak up some sun. The drive to Rugen Island took about 4 hours and it was the first time that we saw car wrecks on the autobahn. It was raining quite a bit for part of the trip and there were two separate accidents where the driver obviously overestimated his abilities and from the looks of it, flew off the road trying to take a turn at 200 km/hr. Thankfully they only hurt themselves since both scenes involved single cars.

Autobahn accident

A rare sight on the autobahn. Hope the driver is ok.

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