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sniper tower

The Sniper Tower in Mostar

On 29, Oct 2013 | One Comment | In Activities, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Culture, Travel | By kanannie

Destroyed building.

An abandoned building, but still very much standing.

I was 14 when the Bosnian War ended in 1995. I remember hearing about it, but it was a world so far removed from my world that I didn’t bother to learn about it. Later, we all heard and read about the genocides, the mass rapes and the ethnic cleansing that went on as the rest of the world turned their heads. It’s one thing to read about it and another to be in the places where these atrocities happened.

Bullet-ridden house.

Bullet-ridden houses are everywhere you look.

Bullet-ridden walls and doors.

A gate and wall riddled with holes.

Destroyed building.

Roofless building.

We occasionally came across abandoned, bullet-ridden houses in Croatia, but seeing the remaining damage in Mostar was shocking. Rows and rows of pock-marked buildings stood next to brand new ones as silent but sobering reminders of the war. One especially notable place left over from the war is the “sniper tower”, a former bank building that was occupied by Serb and Croat forces.

The Sniper Tower.

The “Sniper Tower”, or the old bank building.

As we made our way to the sniper tower in the afternoon (before the junkies go to the building in the evening to get high), we ran into a traveling American couple we met at the bus station on our way to Mostar the day before. THANK GOD. We wouldn’t have to explore the creepy abandoned building by ourselves!

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