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The Touristy Side of Brussels

On 26, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Activities, Art & Design, Belgium, Culture, Travel | By kanannie

Old buildings in the Grand-Place.

The beautiful old buildings at the Grand-Place.

Poor Belgium. It is a tiny country that is unfairly eclipsed by the glamour and wealth of France to its south. Brussels is an exquisite city, but lives in the shadow of flamboyant Paris 162 miles away. As such, it is also less touristy and allowed us tourist-hating tourists to explore it in peace and quiet.

Because I couldn’t take any photos inside the museum, so this is an image from Google of one of my favorite paintings there.

The only museum I was interested in checking out was the Magritte Museum, having been a long-time fan. It’s kind of lame that they don’t allow photography inside, because the exhibition setup was unique. Magritte’s work was accompanied by his thoughts and quotes on the walls, and they put many of his lesser-known graphic design work on display. You won’t find his more famous paintings here, but like the Van Gogh Museum, the exhibition does a good job at showing how Magritte grew and evolved as an artist. I wish we had more time for the Contemporary Museum in the same building.

Art Deco exterior of the Musical Instruments Museum.

Art Deco exterior of the Musical Instruments Museum.

Flex had recommended the Musical Instruments Museum, which I was thoroughly skeptical about. But we trusted his taste in things so off we went, and we were glad we did. MIM is housed in a five- or six-story Art Deco building, and showcases a huge collection of old instruments from around the world. To my utmost ignorant eye, most of them look like some kind of mutant spawn of recognizable Western instruments.

Musical Instruments Museum.

Interior of the museum.

Musical Instruments Museum.

A cool string instrument. I wish I knew what it was called.

Musical Instruments Museum.

What happened?! It’s a Salvador Dali violin!

Musical Instruments Museum.

Cool, twisted trumpet.

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